Understanding the resistance to carbon taxes

Drivers and barriers among the general public and fuel-tax protesters

The invited speaker, Thomas Sterner, is professor of environmental economics at the University of Gothenburg where he focuses on the design of environmental policy instruments, their distributional effects, and public acceptability.  He has worked on a broad range of issues around the circular economy, sustainability, and economics of the Anthropocene.  Sterner was previously Chief Economist at the Environmental Defense Fund and President of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.

The seminar will take place on November 20, 2023 at 12:00in aula 5 at the Presidio Mattioli (via Mattioli 10) and will also be streamed live at the following link.

All those interested are very welcome to attend.

The seminar is organised by the research group R4S – Regulation for Sustainability, and SEEDS (Sustainability, Environmental Economics and Dynamics Studies), as part of Prof. Simone Borghesi’s course in Environmental Economics, at the Department of Political and International Sciences (DISPI). The event is co-organized with the Florence School of Regulation – Climate, led by Prof. Borghesi at the European University Institute, under the project CAPABLE examining citizens’ responses to climate change policy.

The 10SEEDS Tour celebrates the decade of the inter-university research centre with a series of seminars among all University partners.  SEEDS is an inter-university research centre. It develops research and higher education projects in the fields of ecological and environmental economics, with a special focus on the role of policy and innovation. Discover more at  https://www.sustainability-seeds.org/

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