The role of climate change perceptions in climate adaptation

In this episode of FSR Insights aired on July 5th 2023 at 2PM CEST, the hosts Leonardo Meeus and Lucila de Almeida were joined by Anne Van Valkengoed from the University of Groningen to discuss her research on climate policy and the psychology of climate change adaptation.

Assessing human behavioural change is crucial for shaping the right policy framework for climate adaptation. In light of this, policies and regulations should also consider psychological sciences to better address possible obstacles to act against climate change. This event presented a valuable opportunity to delve into the subject.

As part of the Horizon-funded project, CAPABLE, the Climate research team at the FSR is currently contributing to capture climate policy’s multidimensional outcomes and implications based on the most up-to-date knowledge and methods on economics, sociology, political sciences, and psychology.


Leonardo Meeus and Lucila de Almeida, Florence School of Regulation


Anne Van Valkengoed, University of Groningen


  • Alessia Casamassima, Florence School of Regulation
  • Keith Smith, ETH Zürich


The FSR Insights series features world-class academics from the energy field, as well as the FSR research team members in the role of discussants, to investigate timely energy topics and future scenarios.


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